Account Features - Convenience

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All-in-One Investment Management Siebert simplifies your investment management by combining your stock, ETF, bond, option and mutual fund investments into one free asset management account.1,2 The account is linked, through a daily sweep of cash balances as low as one dollar, to your choice of a taxable or tax-advantaged money market fund.

  • Choice of trading venues: By broker, online, mobile and interactive voice response/touch-tone phone device. Visit Trading.
  • Unlimited free check-writing with no minimum balance and no minimum check amount. Payee detail is listed on your monthly statement. Optional Visa debit card with global ATM access.3
  • Your choice of competitive money market funds.
  • Free automatic dividend reinvestment for more than 8,000 stocks.
  • Customer Express Response for common inquiries handled online. Request checks, stop payment, receive stock certificates, order disbursements and more.
Self-Service Online to Suit Your Preferences Update cost basis of securities, even with separate tax lots, that you’ve transferred from other brokers and instruct us whether you’d like dividends and capital gains deposited to your core account or reinvested in each security. Update your e-mail address or phone number online and nickname your accounts so they’re easier to recall.