FundExchange Participants - Searchable Database

Here you can search Siebert's online database, which includes over 16,000 funds.

If you are interested in a specific fund and know its symbol, you can search for it by entering the symbol in the "Fund Symbol" field and then clicking on the "Search" button. The results returned will include the Fund Name, Cusip, Symbol, Fee Status (i.e., Load, No-Load or NTF), Minimum Initial Purchase, Minimum IRA Purchase and confirm whether the fund is Available through Siebert to new investors. Note that funds not available to new investors may still be available for additional investments by existing shareholders in the fund. To receive a prospectus for a fund, click on the check box that appears next to the fund search results, then complete and submit the request form that appears below the search results.

If you know the name of a fund, but not the symbol, you can also search for the fund by entering its name in the "Fund/Fund Family Name" field and then clicking on "Search."

You can also search for all the funds available within a particular Fund Family by clicking on the Fund Family Name in the list below or by entering the name of the Family in the "Fund/Fund Family Name" field and then selecting "Search."

Please note, currently the Rydex Funds are subject to dual pricing, at 10:30 a.m. ET and at the end of the normal market trading session. This could affect the price you receive when purchasing or selling your fund. Please be aware that, at any time in the future, other funds may adopt dual or intraday pricing schedules which could affect the price you receive when purchasing or selling your fund. As with all mutual funds, please read the fund's prospectus prior to investing in mutual funds.

Fund Symbol
Fund/Fund Family Name