Load Fund Tools

Use the Breakpoint Wizard to help you capitalize on your mutual fund investments.

Funds that are not part of our no-load no-transaction fee program may levy sales charges, or loads. Mutual funds progressively reduce these sales charges at different points - "breakpoints" - based on the amount of money invested. Our Breakpoint Wizard helps you determine these points for specific funds.

Plan ahead
  • Breakpoint Evaluator calculates where breakpoints are met and displays where the next breakpoints are based on current holdings or hypothetical orders.
  • Option to include assets in your other Siebert accounts.
  • Breakpoint Schedule Lookup details breakpoint schedules for specific funds.
Know the details
  • Product Rules Lookup details rules for fund families, including Rights of Accumulation, Letter of Intent pricing and Reinstatement.
  • Aggregated Asset Summary tool calculates the total assets in your Siebert account that can be used to determine the appropriate breakpoint sales charge according to the Fund Family rules for Rights of Accumulation.
  • Asset Details screen shows the names and amounts of the individual funds comprising each Fund Family.
Access instantly
  • Switch between the tools - in one click.