Planning and Calculators - Overview

At Siebert, we recognize that independent investors prefer to make their own decisions, and our goal is to provide you planning tools you can use to help you do just that. These include a suite of planning tools and calculators from Sungard Wealth Management services and zCalc, a Thomson Corporation company.

SunGard's easy-to-use needs analysis planning tools help you analyze asset allocation, life insurance and retirement and education savings needs based on your specific situation and goals.

zCalc's tax and estate planning calculators can help you analyze specific tax and estate planning strategies, including those related to charitable annuities and trusts. Other calculators include computations for loan amortization, mortgage refinance, IRA conversion, life expectancy and more. You can also compare taxable and tax-deferred investments and calculate the time value of money based on different interest rates, time periods and other factors specific to your own personal financial situation.

All the planners and calculators are accompanied by comprehensive screen-specific help sections. In addition, each includes a printable questionnaire and generates PDF reports with comprehensive tables and charts, which you can also print to review offline.