Trading - Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investing is easy at Siebert with FundExchange, one of the most comprehensive assortments of funds available. Choose from among more than 16,000 funds, 6,800 of them no-load and 2,400 of those with no transaction fee. Choose from more than 550 fund families.1

Buy and sell participating funds through your consolidated Siebert account. It's the easy way to invest in a variety of mutual funds without the hassle of multiple accounts, applications or phone calls. You get one easy-to-read statement listing all funds and other financial assets. Note: Please review the policy on excessive trading of mutual funds.

Morningstar, at Your Service SiebertNet provides access to Morningstar's mutual fund screener and profiles, including star rankings and detailed fund information.

Trade the Easy Way You may buy, sell and even exchange funds within the same family. The mutual fund order ticket allows you to trade funds by dollar or share amounts and choose specific tax lots to trade. You can then view and sort lots by term and cost before sending your order or save orders throughout the trading session and place an unlimited number of them at one time. If you want to cancel or modify an order, the order status screen makes it easy.

Automated Investing and Dollar Cost Averaging Keep it really simple and create a hedge against price volatility through our Periodic Investment Plan. You direct us to purchase a fixed dollar amount of a fund at your choice of intervals, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You purchase more shares when the price is low and fewer shares when the price is high, creating an average cost that can often be less than the average share price. We would be happy to help you to set up a Periodic Investment Plan (PIP).

Account Info Is Just a Click Away It's easy to stay in touch with the markets and your account status while you trade. Use the “Quick Views” menu bar at the top of each trading ticket for instant access to your positions, balances, order status and a commission calculator.

Capitalize on Your Mutual Fund Investments Although there are more than 1,985 mutual funds in Siebert's no-load no transaction fee program, if your choice of funds includes any which levy sales charges or loads, we want you to get the most for your money. Our Breakpoint Evaluator helps you determine the different points - "breakpoints" – specific funds use to progressively reduce these sales charges based on the amount of money invested.