Trading - Online

Trade your way. At Siebert, you choose the investment. We do the rest. No matter how you trade, we are committed to best execution and you receive exceptional customer service. When you trade with Siebert you can be sure there are no conflicts of interest. We do not make markets in any securities and we never take positions against clients' orders.

So, go ahead, implement your investment decisions confidently with a firm that puts its clients’ interests first.

User-Friendly and Real-Time Our user-friendly online platform offers real-time positions, order status, balances, margin information, buying power and intraday history. You can trade by tax lot and view real-time gains/losses on your customizable Positions page. The system will even estimate your income monthly for a year for each of your securities and all of your accounts.

Trade Your Choice of Investments Trade stocks, ETFs1, simple and complex options2 and mutual funds3 online. Indicate interest in new issue and secondary-market fixed-income securities as well as equity.

The Research You Need to Make Informed Investing Decisions SiebertNet is designed to provide you with quick access to an extensive selection of real-time market data and free third party research, including comprehensive stock, ETF and mutual fund screeners and investment profiles/reports. Choose to receive news and account alerts to your desktop or mobile device.

Trade At Your Convenience In addition to offering you the ability to trade during regular market hours, you can trade on SiebertNet in the before and after hours sessions from 8:00 a.m. to 9:28 a.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday.

Planning and Education Learn about ETFs, options, tax and retirement planning4. Use the planning tools and features to become a smarter investor.

Tracking and Monitoring Made Easy Monitoring and record-keeping is easy with many features, including and easy-to-understand statements designed to help you spend more time discovering investment opportunities and less time tracking account information.

Self-Service Features If you want to update the cost basis of a stock you’ve transferred from another broker, change your phone number, update your e-mail address or nickname your accounts so they’re easier to recall, you don’t have to call us – you can take care of that online yourself.